Scenic Flight Along Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia's most beautiful regions.  The coastline is home to a variety of attractions and wildlife. But if you want to admire the magnificence of this region, you need to see it from the air.

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Please take advantage of this unique chance by travelling with us on a Great Ocean Road day trip.

Experience a scenic flight over the Great Ocean Road

A popular way to experience the Shipwreck Coast and the Twelve Apostles is through aerial tours offered by Great Ocean Road Scenic Flights. Options include helicopter flights from various locations, seaplane rides, Tiger Moth flights, and WWII fighter plane experiences.

The Great Ocean Road scenic flights are primarily run by the 12 Apostles Helicopters company, situated behind the Twelve Apostles visitor centre in Port Campbell National Park at the eastern end of the Twelve Apostles area.

The company has been specialising in scenic helicopter tours over the Twelve Apostles since around 2000, operating daily. Flights range from short 15-minute tours to longer 220-kilometer flights over the Great Ocean Road region.

Flights can cover the nearby Bay of Islands region and Port Campbell and Cape Otway, with its lighthouse in the opposite direction. The latter usually lasts about one hour. These flights provide a more expansive view than simply walking to a lookout point and often include a visit to Loch Ard Gorge.

The Great Ocean Road scenic flights offer commentary from experienced pilots and the opportunity to film video footage with your camera or smartphone. Both tour groups and standard holidaymakers can enjoy this experience.

Reasons to see the Great Ocean Road from the sky

Full whale view

During winter in the region, it is possible to observe Southern Right Whales in the ocean, either rolling around or breaching.

When viewing from the air, one is more likely to observe a full-body view of a whale, potentially including a calf, providing the opportunity to witness this impressive mammal in its natural habitat.

Orcas and dolphins moving swiftly

Orcas often accompany Southern Right Whales on their migration journey, creating a unique aerial viewing experience.

In the wild, sightings of orcas and pods of dolphins, seals, and schools of tuna are rare.

Rainbows of another realm

Rainbows can be seen in various forms from the air, with the infinite circle being a favourite among our guests.

The coastal weather changes throughout the day, with the sun casting a hue on the cliff faces in summer and misty clouds rolling in.

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During winter, waterfalls can be observed along the coastline between the 12 Apostles, Bay of Islands, and Cape Otway Lighthouse.

'Upside down' winter waterfalls

Walking, you can experience the powerful sound of rushing water up close.

An aerial view from a helicopter offers a stunning perspective of the rare coastal falls, particularly when the wind is creating misty swirl patterns in the air. It is quite a beautiful sight to behold.

Cliffs and rock formations

The coastal cliffs appear large when viewed from the coast, but consider taking one of our flights for a true sense of their size.

You'll see:


  • The cliff face features colours such as oranges, reds, pinks, and yellows.
  • An aerial view of the Bay of Islands.
  • Eight sets of historic steps carved into the cliffs along the coast are hidden and secret.
  • The rock formation is known as The Arch.
  • A viewpoint of Sentinel Rock.


Flight tips


  • Flying in the morning is often recommended due to favourable weather conditions and less crowded airports compared to later days.
  • Regardless of the weather conditions, the view of the coastline from the air is consistently stunning. Some believe that rain and clouds may detract from the flight experience, but it adds to the beauty.
  • Bring your camera!
  • Passengers are encouraged to ask questions, as pilots are happy to engage with them.
  • The front seat is preferred.